söndag, september 16, 2007

The Grand Design

Allrighty, for those of you who don't know, this is what this project is all about and how it got started;

A couple of years ago, when I first started playing Warhammer 40k, I discovered the Praetorian models on the Games Workshop webpage. I loved the style of the models, feeling that they were a nice break the otherwise so grim and emo-ish 40k universe. I quickly came to the conclustion that being unable to pose the models would just drive me mad, accustomed as I were to working with plastic models. And then, it struck me; maybe I could use this lack of variation, and make a "thing" out of it. Suddenly the answer lay before me like some great... lying thing: I could construct an entire army using only two models; One praetorian standing and firing, and one praetorian on a knee and firing. These would then be organized into squads with 5 of each, and placed in close order with the standing ones behind the croutching ones. It was going to look awsome.

Now, I guess you can all guess what discouraged me, by then nothing but teen without a job; The cost. The army i had in mind would cost me about £500 to complete, at least, and that was money I just couldn't see myself aquring, and certainly not spending on something that at the time was nothing more than a funny "what-if?" scenario. So, I forgot all about it for a while. A pretty long while. Some years.

Then, not a month before the present day, a man at my local gaming hangout mentioned a casting-project he'd talked to me about, and how funny it would've been to make an entire army out of a single Mordian Iron Guard-model. That brought my praetorian dreams back to the surface, as vividly as ever before. But now I had the tools to make the army. Not money(turns out just having a job doesn't really make you have money), but skill and ideas of how to pull it through.

My first idea was to buy one of each of the required models from Games Workshop and cast copies of them. This would by far be the most convienient, but I decided against it on account of not wanting to breaking any laws. As far as I've understood, the Games Workshop legal department can be a harsh mistress, and I would like to be able to show my army on the Interblarg and maybe a tournament or two. So natrually, option two came to mind;
Building one of each of the required models in greenstuff and cast copies of them. This became what I decided to run with, so now the project is not only a way to make a fun gimmick-army, but also a way for me to prove myselfs a a sculptor. I also decided that two models weren't really that feasable, and I've since then expanded the concept to contain about nine diffrent models, ranking from ordinary guardsman to Sergant to Heroic Senior Officer.

So, that's the plan. That's what this blog is about, at least at the moment. It's about sculpting 9+ models to the best of my ability, and casting an army of just those nine models.

I'll update as soon as I get my hands on a camera, and I'll show y'all some purty pictures.
Wish me luck!

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